Rain begins to pour in Bahia de Todos Santos


to the photo and text section of this particular web presentation of mine.  By texts I mean notes from travels, commentaries, annotations of photos, letters, poetry, &c.

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Spirits of the Earth Sky,
Angels of Our Current Apocalypse
2011 36 The meadow near Lísek Mostly clouds, a frog, shadows of tree leaves....  (Too lazy today to make another web gallery or perhaps my time is too precious to fuss with it -- it's a c70MB zip file for download.  It's screenshots of photographs.)
August 2011
Latest additions III 2011
The meadow near Lísek
Skies, birds, angels....
July 2011
Latest additions II
Europe, Baja California Norte

(Small and large formats)

2010-5-3 / work in progress
Good-Bye to Denise           2009-2-16 1
Ensenada, Baja California Norte, Mexico


Latest additions
2006-2009 12
Europe, Gran Canaria, and North America Dated photographs, titled or with a brief description, posted here as the spirit moves me, in no particular chronological order and according to no particular criteria (apart perhaps from the format of most of the twlvw being relatively small) 2010-5-3 / work in progress

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4 ... Ensenada, Baja California Norte, Mexico 3 bird and 1 butterfly pic
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2 bird pics

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2006 or so
1 The fabulous (and completely wacky, of course) Dalí Museo in in Figueras, Spain
The very first pic I ever managed to ftp-upload (and, man, did that take me millennia to figure out how) 2010-9-11
A few more pix from Ensenada 2008-2009, or one of those two 6 Ensenada, Baja California Norte, Mexico             
Dining in Mexico       2008-2009, or one of those two 1 Shot from my car on Avenida Reforma (or Avenida Transpeninsular) in Ensenada, Baja California Norte, Mexico Taco stand
Where I lived four months in Baja     2008-2009, or one of those two 1 Baja California Norte, around Bahía Todos Los Santos
How I java these days
0 as yet

A coffee recipe
A handful of haiku / Hrstička haiku ?-2010 10                       

Trip to the Iron Knoll Volcano (November in Marjánky) / Výlet k sopce Železná hůrka (listopad v Marjánkách) c2007 5 West Bohemia                   
Mostly text illustrated with photographs
Trip to the Canaries / Výlet na Kanáry    2006   
119 Czech Republic, Italy, France, Spain, Canary Islands quite a few words