Haiku česky, haiku in Czech                        

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I lost my original haiku web page, and this is all I remember and what I added later.

Mladá Boleslav                          
dvě hodiny ráno
smutná a ospalá                          

Every time I step out
The modem dials                          
On its own                          

Learning from a stone
On a warm autumn afternoon                          
How to do nothing                          

The thousandth rain
The millionth raindrop                          
The damn' dam burst                          

And here I was just jotting down ideas.  Watch out: it's repetitive.

Strolling through the town / Counting the Living Souls / Among the zombies2
The few living souls / Shine in the multitude / Of the fearsomely sleepingA few specks of light / Shine between the milling clouds / Of Prague's night skyA milisecond flirt / A glimpse I will not forget / She passed me in the crowd
A false dawn / Behind my hotel window / Heralds the day2
The moment I close my eyes / The computer connects to the Intranetd

Sitting at your desk
Try to imagine the end
Of eternity     

Londýnská čtvrť, umytá deštěm,        
sní a vstává,            
každý den jiná, staletí beze změny     5/09   

Oh, and there's also a few haiku-shaped comments back on the Canaries trip page.

And if u click here, and then read on:


                                         No need to escape anything anymore
No longer running from What- and When- or Where-It's-Not-Right
But living When and Where It Is, always

Both ways, all ways are fine
But I prefer mine

1-7-10 thru 1-10-10

There's no good or bad
And each of them
'S different

Good differs from bad.
Although, looking from the mountain,
You know neither exists.
2-8 & 2-9-10X

The leaf is falling
And when it touches the ground
The whole forest grows

Warmth of the house in winter
A butterfly stretching its wings
In your dreams

Near the waterfall
We're lounging by the fire
Between our brief stints here

The train station late at night
I'm sitting on a hardwood bench

2-9-10, 2-15-10X

The morning newspaper
Says it all
Between the lines

To Whom It May Concern
This is to let you know
That time's not running out

She's a quiet storm
a wealthy homeless woman
a run-of-the-mill masterpiece

I had put a stumbling block in my path
I closed the door in my way
I tied a knot on my hanky


You're half-way 'round the world by now
Your footsteps still in the snow
'Round my house

Fearing living with you
Being jealous when you're gone
Or I can enjoy either or both, your love, my freedom, and more

2-26 - 2-27-10X

The desired coast sometimes
Seems hidden in a fog
But it's always there like a gently helping, loving hand in darkness


The smell of northern California
   a few miles south of Prague
The healing light in the heart
   that not long ago felt dark


Some of these words here could also be perceived as poetry.

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