Health and
What is health? Health is happiness
and joy. Happiness and joy is health.
What comes first? They are one but if I
had to choose one, I'd surely say that
joy and the sense of bliss and wellbeing
come first and then attract or create
health and balance.... Do what you like.
Feel as you like.
Health is balance, in my view. Not
absolute balance, but perfect. Absolute
balance would mean, No motion. No
motion is stagnation, and that is not life.
That's what is before life and after life.
So to speak.
Balance is natural, just as love is. You
are balance, you are love. Everything in
nature, in this universe, automatically
moves toward balance, just as water
flows downwards, the equilibrium
among species is spontaneously
achieved, and Sun rises after dark.
Thus also the body and the soul and
everything created wants to be
balanced and healthy and naturally
flows toward balance and health. All we
have to do is to focus on it and to allow
The Universe or the Creator, the
Source, your parent, loves you
powerfully and wisely and wants you to
be happy and healthy, to love, to grow
and eternally to expand.
I can help anyone (or help and
support flows through me to
anyone and any thing) who's
interested in or at least partially
open to my help, whatever the
condition, whatever the situation,
however hopeless or persistent it
may seem. This help can be
given to any being on Earth and
elsewhere, living or dead or to
any group of beings, including
humans, animals, plants, mineral
beings, situations, etc.
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My Healing
Tools and
They are numerous. I am listing some
of them bellow pall mall – their
importance is determined by the
individual being or person or situation
being healed, taught, or otherwise
helped, assisted, or aided. However,
always key is that which essentially
cannot be named by words (as all
words mean it and as it comes, so to
speak, before all words), but which we
sometimes term The I AM Presence or
Consciousness or Spirit or God or
Goddess or Source or even The
Universe or by many other names
including the expression Love, or
perhaps Divine Love (to differentiate
from the human sexual parthership
aspect of Love with which some people
still seem to confuse it) or simply That
(as the great master Papaji used to call
While all that I do to help is highly
efficient, it is concurrently safe,
proven, and cannot harm nor fail.
This Presence manifests through all and
each of us, and in my case and in
reference to how I heal and help or
rather how assistance, support, and
healing is channeled through me, I will
mention the hundreds of healing and
helping energies I use and about as
many techniques. For each healed
being or each student or situation, those
techniques or energies or approaches
are selected to match perfectly their
individual needs and situation.
The hundreds of energies that I am
given to channel include Reiki,
energies of our Sun and the Central
Sun and other celestial bodies,
energies of Mother Earth, energies of
the Seven Rays and other rays,
Ascended Master energies, diverse
angelic energies, elemental energies,
and many others. The techniques
include laying of hands through which
energies flow (either when the being is
present physically or over physical
distance, which is true for almost all I
do), direct consensual reprogramming
of the mind and brain, direct and safe
removal of energies that are no longer
needed (such as pain and blocks and
other no-longer-wanted energies or
patterns), instant and irrevocable
removal of negative entities,
repairing and straightening of the
backbone, balancing of chakras
(which includes thei healing,
purification, adjustment of their
throughput and rotation and color),
healing of DNA, removing reptilian
entities, etc., etc and many others. And
people comment on how much better
they feel and how things seem clearer
or better simply after talking or sitting
with me for a while. A simple talk or
sitting in silence can sometimes be of
the highest benefit.
Help with the so-called post-awakening
spirituality is also important for some
people as is assistance to those who
feel complete strangers on Earth or on
Earth in her current evolutionary phase
or in a certain time-line. Help with
moving to another, better suited time-
line I also provide.
Meditation with me or my meditation
classes can be very useful, too.
"Meditation" is a much abused word –
although it is heard or written more and
more these days, few people seem to
know what it really is.... Meditation is
not to be confused with the billions of
techniques or rituals that aid
meditation, but many can be usefull
This includes Maharishi Maheshi Yogi's
transcendntal meditation or the queen
of all meditative approaches: the
Advaita "Self Inquiry" way as taught e.g.
by Sri Ramana Maharshi.
Then of course there are my Reiki
attunement classes which offer so
much more than only attunement to the
Reiki energy and my classes for Reiki
healers and Reiki masters.
So-called regressive therapy with me
is very useful to some as well.
So can be nummerological reading or
angelic reading I give.
There are very many angelic,
ascended, and otherwise highly
advanced and highly vibrating beings
(including some from what people would
call "the future") collaborating with me,
guiding me, using me for channeling:
acting and talking through me. They
include your angels (or the angels or
guides of the being I'm helping,
assisting, healing).
Last but not least, mantrayama is an
important tool I teach or pass on and
explain; music and sounds is also
something I use and share for healing
and balance and explain in some detail,
and there is an offering of teaching
texts (not available in bookstores) that I
And far from hogging all the work for
me, I'm always ready to recommend
and often do suggest and point to the
teachings or services of others when I
feel that their help would also be useful
to those who approach me
And there are other tools I will not
mention here further for now.
But, as I suggest in the introduction to
this article or list, however many
techniques and energies and
approaches, key is the essentially silent
Consciousness of the I AM Presence,
which indeed is "contagious", in the
best possible way.... :)
There are many aspects of life for which
those tools can be used (indeed, the
Source or I AM Presence or Love is
applicable to everything, so to speak),
but I feel like mentioning just one of
them that is close to my heart (as I love
learning, teaching, the written and
spoken word and languages, among
other things) and that is the help I can
provide with learning. This includes
learning anything, but as in my past I
have been a professional teacher of
languages (English and Czech) for quite
a few years, and a very good one at
that, I can help you learn or improve
English, or Czech, any level, any
(beneficial) specialization, or indeed
help you resolve any issues that stop
you from learning anything or seem to
make the learning process too slow or
too difficult. Indeed, I can also be of
assistance to those who wish to teach
or better understand their teaching or
the teaching/learning processes
Experiences include healing of cancer
(the easiest so-called illness to heal, in
my experience), removal of
miscellaneous poisons from both the
body and the mind, dramatically
speeding up the healing of wounds,
burns, broken bones, post-surgical
conditions, and many other mental or
physical conditions, pregnancy-
related healing and assistance, helping
people and animals pass onto the
"other side" more easily regarding
emotions, spiritual states, as well as
more painless passage, saving
wounded horses and other apparently
sick animals even when so-called vets
either already gave up or were just
upping the doses, and much, much
more, perhaps to be added here later.
I'm quite open to and enjoy
cooperating with medical doctors,
other therapists, vets, and other healing
professionals when they are open to it
and willing.
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presentations online, but for now I'm
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Ascension Gateway (Motivational self
help and spirituality portal online) and
explain why: my listing in their directory
is conditioned upon me presenting their
link on my site, which sounds fair
enough. So far, I feel pretty good about
that site, but as my experience with
them progresses, I will either remove
this link or place it more prominently
and heartily recommend it.
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