Chakra Chat

(A Brief Overview with Some Basic as Well as Advanced Info on the Human Fine Energy System

Including Notes on the Excellent Chakra Adjustment and Reading I Offer)

Hello, welcome, namaste, and thanks for opening this page.

The functioning of our chakras, their freedom from past or no longer needed, no longer serving aspects or programmes, the harmony between and among them creates our bodies, our world, our experience. It can therefore be said that they are important. Having said that, hermits or other people who haven’t heard nor read about chakras their whole embodiment can achieve their supreme goal also. Let your individual path guide you to the knowledge you need as well as to dropping what you don’t. The heart keeps telling us which is which. Listen to your heart – listen to your Self.


Before I introduce more detail, it occurs to me that some of you are perhaps wondering what actually chakra is? I’ll offer you now a few ways of approaching the understanding of chakras: Obviously, chakras are energetic centres in our physical bodies and around them, and they are energetic channels and energetic changers. Energy is power, information, knowledge, life manifest.... In my view, chakras are multidimensional energetic centres and gateways; they are stargates and free energy generators, they are seats of consciousness – that, at least, is one way of putting it. They are, in a sense, an essence of us on the level of created existence and individualized existence, human existence. Our true essence of course is much finer, more rapidly vibrating, and in the end (or beginning) beyond vibration, before vibration, uncreated, property-free, both being and non-being, That which comes before “I Am”, so to speak, the unknowable knowing, that which cannot be conveyed by words alone. I know that was a brief way of describing what a chakra is, but perhaps it will become clearer later. Find out for yourself, with your sensitivity or with your focus, what a chakra is, what your chakras are.


All of this is my knowledge, a lot of it based on all those years of effectively healing and harmonising the chakra system. And some of my chakra knowledge came to me or comes through me from direct channelling (or inspiration, in another word).


Now I’ll talk some about the chakra reading and chakra adjustment I provide and then return to a more general chakra talk.

The terms adjust, balance, harmonise, heal, and to some degree purify, I’m using interchangeably or synonymously as they are so interconnected that differentiation among them would seem a bit over the top. The word reading, connected as it is in my view to healing, carries however a bit different meaning: it's, as you’ve probably surmised, telling you what I see, sense, find out, or am told by my or your guides or through other shining and loving friends about your chakras.

The chakra balancing and the reading that I’ve been doing for over a decade now (in this general way and in this embodiment) I do either in person or over distance. “In person” means that the physical body of the healed is in the same physical proximity as mine; “over distance” allows the physical bodies to be at different places. It is not necessary to be in touch over the phone or a net messenger during the harmonising and healing over physical distance but it usually does make it easier and sometimes quicker and more efficient, and it can help open new avenues of healing or development. You, or the healed, usually also gains more benefit in that way because he or she invests more energy into the process (simply by being there consciously, by investing the time and the energy and the focus into being more involved or into participating in the process). The method, if I may call it such, is fully intuitive, guided, channelled through me, but at the same time, there are certain procedural steps that usually repeat. It focuses primarily on the lower six chakras (Root, Sexual {or Sacral}, Solar, Heart, Throat, and Third Eye). But sometimes it is necessary or best to include another chakra or a set of chakras (in other words, another part of the body, seemingly apart from the six main chakras I’m talking about now) in the balancing of the six main chakras. Those may include e.g. the energetic centre (or chakra) between the Sacral and the Solar Plexus or the elbow, knee, foot, hand chakras. Or anywhere else.

Although I am permitted to use and do use the crown chakra of the healed for some treatments, the crown chakra and the chakras above the crown and the chakras bellow the root chakra are not subject to the basic steps of this harmonising/healing process. They harmonise themselves, on their own, so to speak most of the time (as far as this treatment is concerned).

This harmonising I do (1) with my hands or rather with the energies flowing through them, through me, (2) with several approaches which I can surely share with you when we talk but this is not the place to mention them in any more detail, and (3) – last but surely not least – with the aid of more advanced and above all, loving, kind, skilled, and knowing beings and energies. If you’re interested, perhaps I can say more about some of that, but some of the steps I can only teach you completely (and will be happy to if you like), as a whole (or “wholes”) as some knowledge or energy cannot be passed partially as that would usually bring about more damage than benefit. But that still leaves quite a few areas I can share: I love to talk about the beings that are working with me or through me e.g.

ust to mention briefly the smaller chakras – harmonising the main chakras improves the functioning of smaller chakras as well (unless they need special attention as I mentioned above).

o, I focus mostly on the balance among the six chakras. That includes the strength of their throughput, their capacity, so to speak, which in turn means both the volume or strength of energies they send as well as the sensitivity or capability to receive information, or energies.

But strength or volume or sensitivity or receptiveness in themselves are not enough. The well-functioning chakra is pure or free of past or no longer needed, no longer serving, and therefore false programmes or aspects: they no longer affect how it perceives or receives, sends or radiates. High receptiveness or high output or high throughput does not always mean that the energy or information is correct or rather appropriate or in harmony with the wishes or needs of the individual.

That is of course just one way of looking at it, because in a higher or perhaps deeper prospective, everything that is happening is always happening right. At the same time or rather looking at it from another angle, on another level, we do create and change our worlds and healing is part of that creating, of that changing. It is one of the tools available to us: to do healing, to accept healing, or to – possibly best of all – allow healing to take place. The relatively recent and dark nonsense or rumour I encountered a few times, claiming with seeming authority that it is no longer time to allow others to do healing on us but that we have to heal ourselves is only partially true, or rather it is truth twisted to serve dark purposes, in my view: yes, we must as free beings and as creators accept, love, and take charge of our worlds, our bodies, our universes, but at the same time the being called Man inhabits the planet in multiple bodies, as multiple identities for a number of reasons, and serving and helping and assisting one another surely is one of them. We impact and change one another every time we meet, every time we think of one another: why not do it in nice and helpful and, yes, healing ways?

Although I do (or rather allow to be done through me) the purification of the chakras as well as other aspects of the being and remove some negative aspects or programs no longer needed, each being, of course, has to do some work themselves, so to speak. That’s one of the differences between the worse types of so-called doctoring and healing – a healer, a witch, a shaman will not do everything for you, instead of you. But asking for or requesting help (human or otherwise) such as healing is also work in the sense I mean it in the first sentence of the paragraph; important and useful as such a step may be though, it is usually not everything the healed or helpee has to do. But sometimes it can be, too. Some help either cannot be provided without asking at all or the asking strengthens the help received manyfold. I am talking about conscious asking, not the unconscious or subconscious kind. I’ve seen a tightly packed and huge crowd of brightly shining angelic beings standing and waiting with great patience and with apparently small chance of success for just such a request around an institution housing (to stretch the definition of house) so-called poor and sick and above all, desperate people, but the angels wouldn’t or couldn’t enter without being explicitly or consciously invited in by the sufferers. If aid, support, help, comfort, harmony, information, or healing were always given without explicit or conscious asking, human beings wouldn’t be the absolutely free conscious creators they are; also, the Earth being so full of people screaming for help (through violence or any and all acts of un-love) without even being aware of doing so attests that help or whatever we require has to be asked for. No words can express Reality fully; so, of course it is not a 100% true what I just wrote, but currently there still seems to be such a great and apparently unfulfilled need to take charge of our destiny on Earth, to realize our power as creators, as rulers of our world, and asking for help is one of the ways, however paradoxical it may sound to some.

A chakra rid of old programming, old pain, old traumata not only reacts and acts more quickly, not only better regulates the volume of energy going through it, not only is capable of allowing both much stronger energies as well as finer energies to flow through it, but it also becomes better at discerning what kind of energy can flow through it, what kind of information, what frequencies.... Better energies both get accepted by it and created by it.

Couple more words about the strength of the chakra though (inseparable from the aspect of energetic quality though strength is): While in most cases one or two or more chakras of a human being (or an animal being, plant being, planetary being, etc.) need strengthening, on occasion the activity of a chakra or several of them has to be turned or tuned a bit lower so that harmonious flow of energy throughout the chakra system may be achieved, improving again all areas of the functioning of the human being.

All these processes also have to do with the rotational speed of the chakra, its frequencies, and the rotational direction. The direction of the rotation of a chakra or several of them can easily and almost immediately be altered but in my experience, such a step is rarely advisable or rather is best executed over a period or time rather than all at once. I can do both when needed. Although in most humans, their physical gender determines the rotational direction of each chakra (see pic here), the direction of each chakra is quite individual, pertaining to each human being and its/his/her
needs; while in most cases each main chakra rotates in a direction opposite to that of its neighbouring main chakras, this is not the cases in each human being where two neighbouring main chakras can rotate in the same direction (both chakras clockwise or both chakras counter-clockwise). That is not necessarily a defect. However, determining the rotational direction of a chakra (which is quite easy to do and there are several ways of finding out) can be a useful diagnostic or informative tool to be applied in further healing or other work or in obtaining better awareness of one’s tendencies, characteristics, seeming problems including apparent illnesses (somatic or mental), etc.

Interdimensional connections come into this, too, of course, but I’m just mentioning them here now. It’s a topic for another talk perhaps or for the healing session itself.

I (and some others, of course) can provide you with further information on chakras as needed or if you wish, including their shape, size, rotational speed and direction, function, purpose, colour, what you yourself can do to maintain or improve their correct function and balance, etc. I can provide both general information on those topics as well as specific data on how your own chakras are working and what they may be needing. And I can fix or at the very least greatly contribute to the fixing of the apparent defects. I do not promise that I will give everyone all the detailed particulars about e.g. what each chakra looks like, but I can say how well it works, what it needs, pass on to you all you need to know about your chakra system, and I can balance it, harmonise it, improve it, heal it, help clean it, and much more.

Individual as chakra balancing always is, the average time of this procedure is about 20 minutes. But it does vary from one human being to another (and from animal to another), and sometimes it leads to other healing steps (during the same session or sometimes otherwise, but a follow-up session, if needed, is usually free of charge with me) as my healing is mostly intuitive and I let my hands and my body do the work and allow the Presence (or holy beings through whom the Presence works more easily) to work through me. I can, when needed, provide more info on that process as well if you like.

The reasons why I will now mention that I also offer Reiki attunements is that those classes include teaching or passing on or channelling to you whatever is needed for you to do all or most of the chakra work I describe in this text. My Reiki classes however have to be conducted in person, not via the net nor by phone nor an online messenger.


Although I’ve already provided some general chakra info while introducing the healing and reading that I do, I’ll back off from that even further now and focus on chakras more generally.

A few words on the terminology.

The term
main chakra is of course customary, traditional, and quite arbitrary and can easily be replaced with big chakra or carrier chakra (or even root chakra if that latest name didn’t conflict with one of the names of the bottommost main chakra).

The so-called 'minor' chakras of particular interest
to me include the numerous energetic centres in the head, especially in the brain, and the centres at knees and elbows and in hands and feet, and there are other chakras that are not quite minor but although “lesser” than the seven or eight main ones, they nevertheless direct energy to and from even smaller chakras.

The word
chakra itself is a Sanskrit neutral noun. In the Devanagari script, it looks like this: चक्रा. If you don’t have the free Himalayan-created “Sanskrit 2003” True Type font installed and activated, you can see here what it looks like written in the Devanagari script, i.e. in it’s divine glory and beauty). The word chakra can easily be translated as vortex, whirlpool, cycle, but also as sovereignty, department, multitude, host, realm, etc., or even army, although the most frequently or traditionally used Western translations seem to be disk or wheel, which in my view do not do the word nor the phenomenon of chakra much justice, nor does chakra in my view look like only a disk or a wheel as such. And there are quite a few other possible translations of the Sanskrit noun of the neutral gender that I find interesting and/or useful, not to mention quite a number of related adjectives as well as a few verbs. But do your own research on that if you’re interested or perhaps we can talk about that later. As for me, I'd probably pick vortex or cycle or even whirlpool if I had to choose a Western word. Sometimes, I also substitute with energetic centre or plexus. (Sanskrit and chakra studies go together like bread and ghi in my opinion, and I’m grateful and almost amazed that I managed to end this paragraph when I did and did not go on for another ten pages.)

Now, back to phenomenology rather than philology. The chakras above the physical head (starting with the crown one) and those bellow the feet (and some consider, rightly to some extent, in my view, the feet chakra to be part of the root chakra) is where it gets really interesting, but that's a view that of course has to do with a specific stage of the development of the individual, or of, to use an expression dear to me, the individual stream of life. Those energetic vortexes have to do with the higher or deeper levels or dimensions of connection to the Universal Being and to Mother Earth – but that’s a very simplified statement and we usually (have to) start our evolution or our work on chakras with the main seven or so chakras in or very near the meat body.

Chakras of course also have to do with kundalini and its downward twin energy, with ascension, with the basis on which is "built" our physical body and indeed most bodies that each human being has (if not all) – in other words, they are the basis of the physical body, in some ways, and thus also they have quite a bit to do with aura, with interpersonal communication, with "communication" with one's higher self, with communication as such, with creativity, with all or almost all kinds of perception, etc. etc. The word aura by the way seems to come from the Greek word aura [aUra] meaning breath, breeze, air in motion, raise, lift, hold suspended, and chakras are also pretty much all about motion, as indeed is the whole multiverse, where nothing is ever really static. Although the word aurum (Latin for gold) seems to suggest itself too as an origin of or closely related to the word aura.

The usual or traditional number of main human chakras – seven – is often viewed as the number of completeness, perfection, fullness, good fortune, holiness, etc. It is no accident that the week has 7 days. But again, the seven chakras are just a beginning, and even more colourful, beautiful, and rich worlds open when we return to the seven centres their full or even just better balance, harmony, and health, and other energetic vortexes become available or perceivable to us.

Numerous ancient as well as modern mantras, frequencies, sounds, pictures, mudras, movements, postures, dances, and other techniques and tools have been designed and used to improve the functioning of the whole chakra system as well the functioning of specific chakras or chakra groups. While e.g. the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum can harmonise the entire chakra system, the mantra Ek Ong Kaar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru can sometimes enhance the energetic flow in the solar chakra thus contributing to its healing and the healing of issues related to the solar plexus, but an over-extended use of the mantra may activate the chakra to excess. How much is too much? That is almost purely individual.

On the flip side, negative influences are often designed to target or damage specific chakras, implant them with programmes or abuse them otherwise. This is a vast topic I won't develop much further here, but I will say that there is defence available in case of any attack and that there is healing or transformation available in any case of (chakra) damage.

Another topic or experiential area sometimes mentioned during chakra talks is the perceived location of the sense of individual identity. The feeling is usually connected to the heart centre or the solar chakra or to the stomach centre, while of course others may sense the centre of their "I" elsewhere.

The heart centre seems of particular importance for several reasons and this importance seems indicated by it being the first embryonic organ developed. (Neurogenesis seems to start before cardiogenesis, but the heart begins to beat before the nerves show any activity, it is the first functioning, “complete” organ; brain or the nervous system comes only later. Which may be taken to show that the heart is, in a way, closer to the only Reality than the brain.)

The often-used numbering of chakras starting with the root centre (as the "first chakra") and ending with crown chakra (as the "seventh") seems to me to be to a great degree arbitrary or based on only some stages or aspects of the human evolution.

I will also mention now that most "higher" animals (dogs, horses, cats, etc.) have chakra systems quite similar to that of human beings, with perhaps a bit more power in the areas of nose, ears, and eyes (the senses) than humans and in feet (touch, perception, connection to Earth) – I’m not going to compare the hands/feet chakra import in humans to that of other animals now. This is a huge topic and interesting and lovely to me but in this text, I focus mostly on human chakras, though the difference between human and animal is nearly or completely negligible in some respects.


Although I have written more than I at first thought I would, all this is just a tiny bit of the vast knowledge of the chakra universes, just scratching the surface, so to speak.

And on the flip side and as a warning of sorts, I have met a number of people or spiritual adepts, spiritual seekers, who seemed to have overidentified their growth or their evolution or so-called spiritual development with their chakras – apparently excessive focus on one’s chakras at certain points of one’s development, not even to mention the cases when the knowledge is merely theoretical, is just as retarding as any other egoic excesses (or theory-heavy attitude). Mere knowledge does not necessarily mean proper use. Mere knowledge of how something works (a limited knowledge at that) does not mean we use it to the best benefit. I’ve met demons and vampiric entities embodied or appearing as humans who could control and turn on their chakras very nicely when they wanted to…. Almost perfect, or close enough to deceive those who would be deceived….

And one more brief note in closing – let me repeat what I said in the beginning in other words that the properties or characteristics of our chakra balance and functioning directly affect all or most aspects of our experience on Earth and elsewhere.

Thank you for reading. Please do fully and lovingly use what resonates; drop what doesn't. Please do not accept anything I write or say automatically as the truth – check it out if it resonates, but research, verify, find out for yourself what serves your stream of life, and research with as much joy and love as you can and with your heart rather than (just) the brain.

Although this text has been edited after I created and posted the video (here), there is still some info in the vid that is absent from this text.

Dee Kominek (Heyo Yone Hayo); Sunday, April 22, 2018
Last revised Sunday, April 29, 2018

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